Meet the committee
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Team Captain

I joined the team at the beginning of 2014. Mainly because, having a rowing background, I wanted to get into a water sport again. I knew from before joining that I would be a regular paddler as long as the slightly aging body held up to the stresses and strains of training.

I was "persuaded" whilst slightly the worse for booze at our Christmas party to put myself forward as men's captain in early 2018.

I was a little apprehensive as I'm not good at organising and have little attention to detail but I've enjoyed it hugely thanks to those around me.

You cannot go wrong in joining the Brits as you won't find a more friendly, loyal club in Singapore.

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Men's Captain

I started my paddling journey when I first moved to Hong Kong in 2003 and joined the wonderful Southside Massive Urban Gorillaz (or SMUGz to those in the know - Grrr!). Eight years later I thought I'd closed that chapter of my life when I moved here to Singapore, but within a few weeks I realised how much I missed it and I found myself back in the boat, this time with the British Dragons.

I love everything about Dragon Boating: the camaraderie of training hard and racing with your team-mates, the physicality of the sport and the satisfaction of knowing when you've pushed as hard as you can (especially when that results in a medal), the simple pleasure of watching the sun-rise over the water on those early morning training sets, the sense of 'family' and the social life that comes with it... And the British Dragons delivers all of those in spades.

I highly recommend you come down and give paddling a try with the Brits - there is something for everyone on this team and before you know it, you could be celebrating your 20th year of paddling!

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Ladies Captain

I joined the team at the start of 2023 shortly after moving to Singapore. I am a sociable person with a keen interest in sports and the outdoors, so dragon boating seemed a good fit! Over the last year the Brit's has afforded me multiple races, winning my first medal, paddling with Royalty, racing abroad and most importantly a fantastic group of friends.

I am honoured to have been asked to step up to the Ladies Captain role this year. I hope I am able to continue to bring the team together, and progress our fitness so we can aim to win more medals! The Brit's are an inclusive team for all abilities, with a good fun and encouraging mentality.

I hope to see you in the boat!

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Dan G

I joined the team in May 2016, having been in Singapore for less than a week.

Jumped into the back of a boat during 10k training; my poor, unsuspecting arms. Coming back was the best thing I've done.

I couldn't have asked to have met a better group of people.

I've now been on the committee for 4 years in a myriad of positions and it's wonderful to be able to give back to the team that has given me so much.

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Head Coach

I have been with the team since 2017. My passion for dragon boat started in 2007 and I was paddling competitively in school teams, corporate teams as well as my school's alumni team.

My coaching stint started in 2010 for smaller corporate and recreational teams and I decided to take on a more competitive team to coach when I was first introduced into the IDBC scene

As an IDBC team, the British Dragons gave me a very different and enjoyable coaching experience, and it is always very fulfilling when I see the team smile after achieving great race sets and winning medals.

As a coach, my goals are to bring the team to a higher level of competitiveness and to share my paddling experience and technique. If you're looking for an amazing, competitive team which also loves having fun and drinks, then you're looking at the right page.

The positivity, support, and friendliness within the team will definitely make your dragon boat journey enjoyable. See you on the boat!

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Assistant Coach

I may have a Bri-ishh sounding name but I'm a true-blue Singaporean. Took up the sport when I was in school and never looked back since. Started off as a paddler, went into steering, coached teams and is also an IDBF certified International Race Official and have spent close to 15 years doing dragonboat since.

Through my work as a coach, I hope to empower more people positively in their lives, from individual health and wellness to interpersonal relationships, interactions with people, because as much as dragonboat is a sport, it encompasses so much more, and that's the reason why I am so passionate about it.

When I am not on a dragonboat, I can be found in the urban jungle, in an office conducting corporate training. If not, I will be up at some local haunts for good food!

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My first newbie day, I could not paddle 20 strokes continuously. Everyone in the team were extremely supportive and I just kept showing up. I've got a long way to go but loving every minute of it.

Playing team sports is rewarding and will leave you feeling stronger physically, emotionally and mentally... You can find all that with the Brits.

A fun, welcoming and always have your back kinda crew. Just love the camaraderie in and outside of the boat.

As a Treasurer my role is to make sure each paddler gets their value for money while making sensible decisions and ensure the club is financially sustainable.

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I've been in Singapore since 2016 and have been padding with the the Brits since 2018.

K and I assumed treasurer roles last year and we're largely responsible for ensuring we manage the club's resources (somewhat) responsibly.

For anyone looking for a good workout, or just a new bunch of friendly folks to hang out with, I'd thoroughly recommend giving dragon boating with the Brits a shot!

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Kit & Equipment

I joined the team in June 2022, I had such an amazing time at the newbie day, I decided to join the team on the way home that day itself!

The team is warm, welcoming, encouraging and competitive! No two trainings are the same, each more fun than the previous and brings you closer to being a better paddler (also you may get paired with different individuals on the boat each training so you get to have a lovely chat in-between sets with them and get to know everyone better!) - if you're looking for a fun way to workout with a super friendly bunch - this is the club to join!

I joined the committee in Feb 2023 - as the Kit Manager. Jeremy and I will ensure you've got everything you need to look all decked up for trainings, races and especially for the group shots post winning medals of course!

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Having never tried a team sport before, I decided to give dragon boat a try as I love being out on the water - I joined Newbie Day in August 2022 & officially signed up one month later!

Being in the boat has taught me many valuable life lessons & many many useless but funny Dad jokes! But more importantly, the British Dragon family is a warm, funny & eclectic bunch that will make you feel welcome almost immediately irregardless of your paddling competency

So whether you're looking to get fit or compete in amazing races or just looking to expand your social circle, this is THE team you should sign up with!!

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Dan B

Hi! I'm Dan, i joined the British Dragons after a newbie day in August 2022, to meet more people in Singapore after I moved over from London.

The team was a welcome relief from the many awkward, forced organised social encounters I'd had since arriving in Singapore - such a friendly, diverse group and super fun to hang out with on and off the boat!

I soon discovered that beyond socialising, I didn't mind the paddling either and competed in the 10km race a couple of months after I joined. In Feb 2024, I joined the committee to lead sponsorships, which seemed a logical step after frequenting our sponsor bar Dallas on many, many occasions already.

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I'd only been with the club a few months but immediately felt like part of a big extended family.

I've been both a "serious" paddler - attending every session a week - and I've been a "social paddler" where I paddle just to have an active social life!

I think there's something for everyone and having a family away from home is very important

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If you're reading this maybe you are considering trying dragon boating? Or maybe you've already joined us for a few sessions and are thinking about signing up as a member?

I have three words for you - Go For It!

I joined the team in 2015 after being struck by how friendly & welcoming everyone was. Up until then I had only been living up to the first half of the Brits motto "Party Hard, Paddle Harder!". Luckily for me, whatever your fitness level is, the coaches & captains will build you up & encourage every step of the way.

Joining was the best thing I've done in Singapore and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get fit & have fun.