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We are still welcoming new paddlers! Like everyone, we currently have some restrictions on our training and social events so please get in touch with us before you come down.

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Join the Brits

If you've tried it out and would like to join, speak to one of the Committtee to found out more details or check the email we'll have sent you after your first session.

Email Us or message us on Facebook if you have any questions about joining

Membership Tiers

A full year of membership! Participate in every event and have a guaranteed chance to win prizes at our annual ATM!
Six months of membership. Suitable for those that aren't sure that they want to commit for a full year.
Three months of membership. Suitable for those that are here on short term visits.


Singapore has a very active Dragonboat community and the Singapore Dragon Boat Association helps to organize around 6 races throughout the year. Race distances vary from 200m, 500m, up to 10k, and we train hard for each event. Races are always very competitive and exciting, so we encourage everyone to sign up to experience it! 

Between one and three international races - check our Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to see some of our past events.

These are quite often subsidized by the team or the organisers of the event - cheap travel to exotic places!


We have five training sessions a week - if you can attend them all, there's no way you can't lose weight or get in shape (or both!)

In addition to normal training sessions, we have a smaller group focused on overall strength and conditioning - we call it "Brits+".

It's a great way to get in shape, motivate and be motivated and to get some great workouts that focus on the areas needed for dragonboating.


Make great friends! We are a close knit and diverse community of people with a common interest.

There are over seventy of us so the chance of not making at least one new best friend is basically zero.

We organise a variety of regular social events throughout the year (think Mardi Gras, Halloween, Christmas) as well as participate in a most, if not all, the dragonboat community social events as well.