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We are still welcoming new paddlers! Like everyone, we currently have some restrictions on our training and social events so please get in touch with us before you come down.

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Training Schedule

We have five training events per week - and sometimes more in the lead up to races.

We recommend new paddlers come to our Saturday and Wednesday sessions to start with, but you're welcome at all sessions

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Boat Training (& Newbie Sessions)

Our main weekly event - Two hours of training, directed by our coaching staff. These sessions are normally focused around our upcoming races (i.e. endurance training for long distance racing and sprint training for short distances)

Check our Facebook page to see when the next Newbie Session will be taking place, or get in touch to let us know you're coming to a normal session.

For more information on the Newbie Session, click here

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Boat Training

It might be early but Sunday morning training is intense! An hour and a half of quality training where our coaches try to focus on individual techniquie and our paddling as boat crew

Picture of the team training in a boat


A HIIT style training with one of Singapore's most stunning views. To find us, head up the steps opposite Funan mall and you'll see us near the flagstaff.

Picture of the team doing boot camp training

Pool Training

Technique and conditioning training run by one of our coaches. This session aims to improve your ability as a paddler with one-to-one coaching. We normally (always) follow this training with a team curry at a local restaurant.

Picture of the team training in the pool


"Get Out Of Bed" - GOOB is our early morning, pre-work training on the river. Watch the sunrise and get fit at the same time!

Please note that this session is only available to sub-paying members.

Picture of early morning training